Day 2- Some basic design!

Put in a full 8 hour day today, and I cant believe how fast it went by. Started my morning off with really digging into C# and learned a lot about the language and writing some very basic code. Even did a little math and ran some basic calculations. When I finally figured out how to write a few lines of code, and then run an average of the scores, I literally jumped up and down. It is so amazing what you can do in these programs. I downloaded Visual Studio today and it has made a huge difference in the code writing aspect. I am a huge visual person so having the color scheme really helps.

After a solid half day of learning basic code and using Visual Studio I spent some time setting up my Unity for a professional style layout. Got to build shapes, and started to learn about creating materials/ colors and applying them to objects. I just started building a character and am looking forward to finishing that tomorrow along with more work in this program. I have followed suit on some of my colleagues and ordered a C# coding book so I can keep learning about the coding language. I have a long way to go but I am already feeling so accomplished with what I have done today. For the first time in a very long time I am excited about learning this new skill and cant wait to see what opportunities it brings.




I am a self taught game developer and love pushing myself to learn new things.

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Joe Kuka

Joe Kuka

I am a self taught game developer and love pushing myself to learn new things.

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