Day 8 Progress!

Today is day 8 and even though I did not put in a full day I still feel like I have made progress. Today I was able to effectively add the Triple shot laser, and its behavior, along with a power up that responds at random intervals and deletes itself. There were a few times that I feel I made it a little harder than I needed it to be, but at least I am starting to understand how C# works and how to write what I want it to do. Little by little my game is coming along and so is my confidence of using C#. For me this is huge because the first couple of days I legit had nightmares about coding lol. Now when I fall asleep I am already thinking about how I can do it better. What I really love about coding right now is that even though I did not do exactly what the video showed us in the challenge review I still got the same result by going my own way.

This makes me so happy that it is starting to click. I am really enjoying the ability of calling on Gameobjects from other scripts and having them re-spawn themselves. We also added some animation to the power up so it changes colors as it is moving. I cant wait to add more animation and more elements to this game. It is crazy for me to think that in just 8 days I have learned how to write some basic code and have created the beginnings of a video game from nothing! Cheers to another day done and for all the days yet to come.



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Joe Kuka

I am a self taught game developer and love pushing myself to learn new things.